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Terms and Conditions

We sell quality biker vests at an honest price.

So you will find no fancy print here - Terms and Conditions are plain and fair!

- According to Danish Law we must show the terms and conditions in danish language too, so the link below will take you to the danish version.





Warranty - Vests

The Vests comes with a lifetime warranty, and conditions are simple:

- The vest is made to last and will do so!
- If it should fail anyway, please comtact us and we will find a soluton wether it's a replacement , refond og repair of the vest.
- Warranty will not apply if: missuse, improper use or abnormal use of the product


Warranty - Rest

The items that are not vests. We have regular warranry. So 2 years right of claim. Claim should be within the item is damaged.
We will replace, refound, repair or in some cases reduce the price.
If you believe that the item was not damaged uner your possesion you will have to prove this. If the box your item arived in is damaged, then please do take a picture before opening it.

We will not refund an item damaged by the customer.
Depending on the situation we will we will send you a replacement, refondt or repair, if your claim is accepted.

Most important, contact us if your find youself in a warranty related situation on Info@bikervest.eu




Return Policy

If you for any reason are not happy with the vest or any other item you can return it for a full refund within a reasonable time. No questions asked.

 - We consider “A reasonable time”  to be 14 days from the day you recieved your order.
 - We are not refusing to provide a refund if got a couple of days over, but sales are considered final after approximately 14 days after recieving the products.
 - So please don’t ask about a return/refund after 5,6,7... weeks. And definitely not after a year or two when you sell your bike.
- Let’s play it fair – both ways.



An order can be cancelled as long as it is in our possesion. Once it has been picked up by a carrier we can no longer cancel you order. You must then recieve the packagen to send return or deny recieving the produdt. We will refond once the package is in our possision again.



Duty to inform

We will endeavour to ensure that the offered products on ou homepage comply with the specifications stated in the descriptionas as well as with the reasonable requirements of soundness and/or suitability, subject to the technical standards of sustainability and safety and environmental standards to be reasonably imposed on the Products, depending on the year and time of production of the Products.



Price and Payment Policy

All amounts on this homepage are paying in Euros or DKK

Payment can be made by:

- Dankort
- VISA Card
- Master Card
- PayPay


 - All credit card payments are made through modern SSL Secured Servers.
 - No credit card information will be stored by us at, Bike-Shoppen ApS.
 - We will never sell or give away your mail adress or phone number to anyone.




The price you see on our website includes worldwide priority shipping and all parcels are shipped by DHL Express:

- All orders are send with tracking
- Shipping time is the shortest possible and most customers worldwide should receive their order within a week.

Here is the process from you place your order until the product is in your hands:

All orders are picked up from our warehouse by DHL in 1-2 working days after you placed your order.


DHL/DPD pick-up plan

Oders placed on Monday - Picked up Tuesday or Wednesday

Oders placed on Tuesday - Picked up Wednesday or Thursday

Oders placed on Wednesday - Picked up Thusday or Friday

Oders placed on Thursdayday - Picked up Friday or Monday

Oders placed on Friday - Picked up Monday or Tuesday

Oders placed on Saturday - Picked up Monday or Tuesday

Oders placed on Sunday - Picked up Monday or Tuesday


Estimated shipping depends on location

Western Europe - 1 Working day

Eastern Europe - 1 Working day

Turkey - 2 Working days

Russia - 2 Working days

USA - 2 Working days

Canada  - 2 Working days

Mexico  - 2 Working days

Middle East  - 3 Working days

Asia  - 3 Working days

Austalia  - 3 Working days

New Zealand  - 3 Working days

Africa  - 3 Working days

South America / - Up to 7 Working days
Remote Islands



Data Protection

We process the personal data provided o it in the performance of the afreement in accordance with ts prvacy statement, which can be consultet HERE




We are a danish company dealing internationally. The language on this page is English. We reserve the rigth to make erros. We will of cause fix every error as they occur. 
We hope you will enjoy shopping with us and if you got any quetions feel free to contact us here:



Terms and Conditions was updated 25-11-2021